Objective: Promote the value of the REALTOR® to the consumer

Action Items

Engage and record video testimonials from consumers as to “Why I chose a REALTOR®” (REALTOR® vs. Non-REALTOR® or FSBO)

Develop and implement a plan for NYSAR to promote consumer views of the testimonial videos. Update: On August 30, 2016, NYSAR launched an online campaign designed to show the benefits of working with a New York State REALTOR® when selling a home. The campaign featured a humorous, shareable video that casts the REALTOR® as a “trusted wingman” in guiding consumers to make good decisions. An online advertising campaign, including placements on Facebook, YouTube, real estate and other digital networks, will be used to drive video shares and ultimately bring consumers to the new NYSAR.com consumer “Wingman” branded landing page. There they can learn more about the value of working with a REALTOR® and use our Find a REALTOR® tool to connect with members in their area. NYSAR is sharing the video on its social media channels, and is encouraging local boards/associations and members to share the video on their social media. While the plan suggested a testimonial approach, after creating a demo video, it became clear that this approach, no matter how well executed, would have trouble rising above a crowded field of similar videos. Thus, with the assistance of an outside vendor and after consulting with the Communications and Marketing Steering Committee, a new approach to the video was developed. The plan called for the video to be released in 2017. The new approach resulted in NYSAR being able to launch the video in 2016.

Partner with local boards to distribute testimonial videos.

Responsible Parties

NYSAR Communications and Public Relations Committee

NYSAR Association Executives Advisory Committee

Sal Prividera



Testimonial videos collected in 2016 and distributed in 2017.