Objective: Make young/new members feel needed and wanted

Action Items

Develop a “We Want You” campaign. UPDATE: Through conversations with involved members about how they first became involved, a common thread emerged: they were invited by someone who was already involved. With that in mind, staff worked on the development of a campaign that will heavily utilize NYSAR’s loyal, long-standing, involved members to help identify and recruit new participants. Staff enlisted the help of Tone Creative design agency to develop the name of the campaign, Step Up, Stand Out!, create a website landing page and collateral. The campaign will launch at the 2016 Fall Business Meetings.

Communicate the NYSAR value proposition to all brokers. UPDATE: A broker benefits brochure was mailed to all of NYSAR’s designated REALTORS® in March 2015. The brochure is also distributed at events that NYSAR staff attends.

Focus groups including local brokers in conjunction with regional meetings to discuss NYSAR participation by agents.

Responsible Parties

Duncan MacKenzie

Kristen Pooler

Sal Prividera

NYSAR Communications and Public Relations Committee

NYSAR Leadership Team/Regional Vice Presidents


Campaign to launch NYSAR 2016 Fall meetings.

Include value proposition in each monthly NYSAR Broker Report

Focus groups begin in 2016