Objective: Communicate value proposition of REALTOR® membership to Commercial members

Action Items

Develop joint NYSAR/NYSCAR marketing material focusing on value proposition being meaningful to commercial members as well as residential members. Update: NYSCAR staff has been speaking with the NYSAR marketing department about this project and it was decided between the two that they would work together to cultivate a more wide-ranging package for the NYSCAR membership and commercial practitioners rather than solely focusing on delivering the NYSAR value proposition via marketing materials. NYSCAR is currently undergoing a complete website redesign, and it was decided between NYSAR and NYSCAR that the marketing project would be placed on hold until the website was completed so that the two groups could present a cohesive message to the commercial practitioners while incorporating NYSCAR’s brand. Update: NYSAR marketing department worked jointly with NYSCAR staff to create a marketing piece that was delivered to the commercial members at their annual conference in June of 2016. NYSCAR will continue to disseminate the piece where appropriate.

NYSAR Leadership to attend NYSCAR events

More comprehensive integration of NYSCAR members on NYSAR committees. Update: Every effort was made to incorporate commercial members on NYSAR committees in 2015 and 2016. Leadership will continue to do so

NYSAR bylaws amended to include New York State Commercial Association of REALTORS® President as member of NYSAR Executive Committee. Update: Will go to NYSAR Board of Directors October 2015 Update: Approved by NYSAR Board of Directors in October 2015. Will go before the Delegate Body in September of 2016.

Responsible Parties

Duncan MacKenzie

Ali Mann

Kristen Pooler

NYSAR Leadership Team/Regional Vice Presidents

NYSAR Board of Directors


Develop package/collateral marketing materials by NYSAR 2015 Fall meetings.

LT begin attending NYSCAR events in 2015 Update: NYSAR leadership attended the NYSCAR annual conference in June of 2016. NYSCAR chapter leaders were invited and attended the NYSAR regional meetings in 2016.

Committee assignments for 2016

Bylaws amendment effective 2016