Objective: Communicate value proposition of REALTOR® membership to non-REALTOR licensees

Action Items

Continue outreach to Diverse Real Estate groups and partner (ARREA, NAHREP and Ontario Real Estate Association for example) UPDATE: NYSAR placed an ad encouraging REALTOR® membership in AREAA NY East’s 3rd Annual Gala Commemorative Journal.

Design outreach program for local boards/associations to use for targeting LIFRO agents. Update: NYSAR is unable to ascertain who the LIFRO agents are because of list use restrictions by the DOS.

Develop a membership recruitment marketing campaign for non-members to offer to local boards. UPDATE: Staff is going to survey local association executives about the materials they want/need for a non-member recruitment campaign. Based on their needs, staff will update and repurpose materials from the "Join the REALTOR® family" campaign that was available from 2009-2012.

Responsible Parties

Duncan MacKenzie

Kristen Pooler

Patrick Reilly

NYSAR Communications and Public Relations Committee

NYSAR Leadership Team/Regional Vice Presidents

NYSAR Association Executives Advisory Committee


Non-member and LIFRO outreach Program developed by NYSAR 2016 Fall Business Meetings.

Membership recruitment marketing materials approved by Communications and Public Relations Steering Committee in conjunction with AE Committee.

LT Participation at related diverse industry events. UPDATE: NYSAR President and CEO attended AREAA Global Summit in Chicago