Objective: Prepare new/young members and other future leaders for NYSAR business meetings

Action Items

Develop NYSAR webinar that provides information about NYSAR business meetings and how to focus on specific areas of interest and maximize their meetings experience.  UPDATE: Marketing staff recorded a webinar about the 2016 Mid-Winter Business Meetings and provided it to all first-time attendees via email. This webinar was in addition to the efforts already made to prepare first-time attendees, which entails a pre-meetings survey to learn more about them. The data collected in the survey helps staff prepare customized materials that are then mailed to the first-time attendees’ home address in the week leading up to the meetings. Staff will continue this effort.

Completed 4/21/2015
Develop NYSAR Business Meetings Frequently Asked Questions.

Responsible Parties

Duncan MacKenzie

Ali Mann

Kristen Pooler

NYSAR Leadership Team/Regional Vice Presidents


Webinar launch 2016 NYSAR Mid-Winter Business Meetings.

FAQs made available for 2015 Mid-Winter Business Meetings.